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Matt is a Probe-buddy and I’ve known him a long time. Here’s a link to my review of the Probe Conference where Matt spoke; you’ll need to scroll down a bit to find Matt’s spot:

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Matt got me a cool drink until I’d got my breath back.

There were about 50 or 60 people and some of them I recognized.

There is a consciousness that lives in a realm beyond our physical universe in another dimension.

(For an explanation of dimensions and other universes see: This consciousness’ presence in our universe is for the express purpose of siphoning off spiritual energy from its incarnate minds and taking that energy to its own dimension for use there.

I arrived at Brighten and found a map which showed me that Matt’s event was taking place in a small suburb of Brighton called Rottingdean.

It looked about 2 miles way on the map so I decided to walk it.On the flip side it was a nice surprise because I didn’t think I was fit enough!I arrived at the venue breathless, panting and somewhat embarrassed.Matt calls these agents “the Serpent Cult” and they have had a presence in this world at least since the beginning of history in Ancient Egypt, America and Mesopotamia.Royal bloodlines make up the most senior ranks of the Serpent Cult, like the Queen and the rest of House of Windsor; also religious leaders like the Pope compliment its ranks.It’s the same route that took just four minutes and less in the short films I discuss here:

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