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Originally scheduled for 2015 summer deployment Was, but you can release ahead of schedule It is thanks to the head office and factory. In this slip collar Based on 20 years of Topcanis Contains many ideas. Due of nylon-soft comfort and cushioning I think quite a bit less strain on your dog's neck and windpipe.I would, of course, quality of the product is quite high. Mocha, SAMPA with a nylon slip collar So come get the head himself with is (laughs). Incidentally become China manufacturing, sewing is clean.Size is very easy, and the size of the head Please measure around the neck size best just Fits from the size chart below. Also shown on the photograph and matching lead We will expand.

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Pet shops, such as Helsinki, Kuopio Look around and still come to Japan Finland no dog brand Many know that. From a few years ago knows the brand itself Are interested in is a good But the opportunity did not have to deal with.

That just like that I bring you encounter a mysterious arm (lol)...

Now, staff aroused (laughs) [Topcanis×Ratia]Series harness and slip color. After that The soft nylon-type color in Japan another note Deployment. So I rebuild the sample both times Be somewhat representative of the factory had annoyed (-_-;)?

Nylon type slip colors are very popular Because of high "I want to make this harness! However, the finished products to really convince Now you can.

"Spring-you might even color can be used in the summer and harness" I think although larger day by day.... Have expected to sell in Japan You could readily get OK.

Took another Japan note depends on the OK from the earliest (lol). Certainly durable is less thick than That gently fit around the neck, and Somewhat hard to use 頂i also withstand To select a prerequisite.

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When you go on a business trip in Finland is To make sure pet shop several stores around Are you.

Do not increase the brand new for a while in Despite the thought in advance Started negotiations on finding products too (laughs)Nichols, some negotiations reached an impasse We can trade. In Nordic design enthusiasts Might be you know I see Ristomatti Ratia"The design is.

Now, staff aroused (laughs) [Topcanis×Ratia]Series harness and slip color. He later Famous designer in Finland and For example, such as Marimekko Sling bag 301Design has gained very good reputation. ↓ (recently, but what seems Marimekko founder's son. ) That said, from 2013, Topcanis×Ratia series Center launched the harness and the color slip.

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