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Currently, Vallozzi is in the process of starting an annual “restaurant industry” bone marrow drive, with hopes to launch this spring. I am a lifelong, diehard Pirates fan and season ticket holder. I live Downtown, so any time I have a free moment and the Bucs are playing, I will just walk over — even if I can only catch a few innings.” Wes Lyons, who grew up in North Braddock, played football for Woodland Hills High School, West Virginia University, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In 2012, he authored a book, “The Pursuit with Patience,” which shares his inspiring journey.

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Liebenguth firmly believes that Pittsburgh is a great place to start a business.

He says, “We’re surrounded by globally recognized universities, state-of-the-art research and tech facilities, and, most importantly, good-hearted people who are ready and willing to support your venture.” Favorite Pittsburgh Place: “The Strip District.

“Everyone has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit, and Pittsburgh makes it very accessible and affordable for people to make their dreams a reality.” Currently, Lin is completing her teacher training through Yogaworks at BYS Yoga in South Side and hopes to publish a book of photography this year “combining beautiful yoga images with inspiring stories of compassion and community,” in addition to planning her upcoming nuptials!

Says Lin, “At lululemon, we have big visions of making Pittsburgh a healthier and more mindful city in 2014 and beyond, so stay tuned for some exciting events that will be even bigger than Yoga & Yarn!

As we traveled to meet and photograph each of them on their home turf, and we saw everyone in their element and were charmed and inspired by their fun personalities and work ethics.

These are the ones to watch, and we think you’ll be inspired, too.

The energetic Carnegie Mellon University grad fell in love with the city when she first came here for her studies.

“The amazing museums, sporting events, city pride, and growing arts scene brought me back here to live and work,” she says.

“This mindset will continue to help Pittsburgh grow and prosper.” Favorite Pittsburgh Place: “Exiting the Fort Pitt tunnels.

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