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Searching the web for a dating or personals site can leave one very confused.

There are millions of dating sites listed on the Internet. Currently, I am a Webmaster of a few dating sites as well as dating referral sites. They all follow pretty much the same format with a few variations. My suggestion is that you look for personal sites that offer what I call a semi-free membership.

According to our google pagerank analysis, the url currently has a pagerank of /10.

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Give it a try, you might be quite surprised as to how things have changed.

The domain is currently hosted on a server located in with the IP address

Do you really want to join this type of dating site?

Another pointer, if the site loads slowly, has popups or spam, beware.

My search of the word “dating” on Google resulted in 56,200,000 results! Sure, there are some great free dating sites, as well as some terrible ones. Now, as a Webmaster, let me assure you of one thing, all us webmasters are promoting dating sites for one thing…money. A semi-free membership is where you are allowed to post your profile.

Now, don’t get me wrong, but I could put up a decent free dating site, and allow members to join my dating site for free. (This is where you tell about yourself and post some pics) On this type of dating site, you are not allowed to contact other members, It’s kind of like fishing, you put out the bait and see if anything bites.

They offer chat rooms, e-mail, and even full profiles of the member.

If you are skeptical, there are many free dating sites that will allow you to browse for free.

Be cautious of the soon to be admirer who needs you to send cash so that he may come see you though, this happens occasionally, but not often. Don’t get in a panic and think everyone’s a scammer, most are not.

Now, if your not ready to wait for replies, you will need to pay up to send messages to other users on this type of site.

Do a Whois search on the site you are considering joining.

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