Wow jutsu not updating

Author treats you like an idiot regurgitating the same information again and again.

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It attacks any monster anywhere nearby and it’s very strong.

However, it despawns after 10 seconds or if it gets attacked by an enemy.

However, the author does not go down this path and I find that disturbing.

The main character is less centralized around getting revenge on his specific targets and more interested in screwing with random people "On the Way" to his dedicated targets, and this I find truly repulsive.

Everything in this novel exists to give you a fulfillment fantasy about getting revenge.

That said if you were recently scorned by a man or woman and want to fantasize about raping them and breaking their mind repeatedly until their former self no longer exists, then magically healing them back to their prior unbroken condition only to do it all over again, then this novel is for you.This is made doubly annoying because he prioritizes describing game mechanics in-depth over actual character development.World building is also bland, because the author keeps fleshing out tired old game mechanics we've seen millions of times instead of developing an actual interesting, deep fantasy world.This is an addon which introduces three new mobs to the game and all of them are useful in their own way seeing as they are all friendly toward players.This addon is inspired by Ninjutso (ninjas) and Naruto.If I wanted to go a step farther I could even say that this novel is subpar even as far as fulfillment fantasy's go.

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