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The way you clear the browser cache depends on the particular browser you are using.Here is how you clear the cache on a few common browsers: In addition to clearing the cache, each browser may have a way of stopping or minimizing the caching of web pages.I've looked at the other people on Stack overflow with updating issues, but my problems seems rather different from any of the others.

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A number of common factors can cause this behavior, such as: browser caching, server-side caching, caching plugins, and making changes in the incorrect location in the file system.

This is because--in an effort to be helpful--your web browser stores the web page information on your computer.

This situation may also occur if you are using a managed Word Press hosting plan.

Many managed Word Press hosting plans use server-side caching.

Using this technique will definitely slow down your web page viewing, and it isn't a perfect solution, because some caching may still occur. Check your internet browser's help files for specifics on how to turn off the cache feature.

Be aware that some web hosting services use caching plugins on the backend without letting the user know explicitly.In many cases, this simply reloads the page without clearing the browser's cache.Here are some techniques to wipe clean the browser's cache, so that you will see the changes when your page reloads.You may be able to turn this off via your webhost's configuration panel.Just to be sure, you can ask a webhost support member if any caching plugins are used, and request to have them turned off if needed.If you end up with them all off and problem persists then I would suggest a re-install of the WP files onto your server.

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