Women intimidating women is jurnee smollett dating

Men are 10X more likely to comment on female rather than male profiles on image-based platforms such a Instagram and women receive 5X more likes than men.Men are visual creatures and make their feelings known when women excite them.Furthermore, these girls often look unhappy or bored, not attractive qualities for relationships or raising children.

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The truth is that no woman is too beautiful to get approached because there's always someone ballsy, drunk, or risky enough to ask for her number, grab her ass, or honk at her as she's walking down the sidewalk.

So let's differentiate between what intimidating really looks like and why some conventionally attractive women experience issues attracting men in·tim·i·dateinˈtiməˌdāt Verb Gerund or present participle: intimidating Frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants"He tries to intimidate his rivals"Synonyms: Frighten, menace, terrify, scare, terrorize, cow, dragoon, subdue When a woman intimidates a man, activating the core of his fear, sexual attraction is the last thing running through his mind.

Most women who claim they're too "intimidating" for men to approach them are full of BS and don't want to accept they're just not attractive to men.

Yes some men find women too beautiful to approach, but most of those guys find average women too intimidating to approach as well.

Corporate women also cater their physical appearances to improve their financial success with severe hairstyles, nude and subdued makeup palettes, professional suits (especially masculine pantsuits), and flats or practical kitten heels--not the ideal way to attract a man's attention (For those of you who don't know, this is a picture of Hillary Clinton, a successful politician, and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who famously cheated on her.

Hillary likes to wear pantsuits and has been proven to scientifically have an unnatural or forced smile while giving speeches) Successful women who want to appear less "intimidating" to men need to leave their masculine qualities at work, relax more during social settings, and overall cater their appearances to look less severe and more feminine Men like independent women who work full-time, financially support themselves, and express enough self-esteem in not depending upon exterior sources for constant praise and affection.People who try new things, meet new people, and create more platonic relationships increase their chances of running into that random special someone while other people actively engage in activities and behaviors to prevent good luck and attention.People who desire relationships need to put themselves out there, especially women who experience issues with men not approaching them.These positive personality traits show a man you put effort into your daily life, find solutions to everyday problems, and won't malfunction left to your own devices, ultimately determining an ability to raise a future family and put effort into romantic relationships.But men take pride in being able to provide for, support, protect, and make women happy, so an independent woman who doesn't allow herself to depend on a man who cares about her may find herself single more often than not.Imagine someone large, powerful, aggressive, possibly mentally unstable, or even holding a weapon when you think of the word "intimidating" and equate it similarly with feminine and masculine applications.

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