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Herd, a former Pizza Hut executive who knew less about wrestling than some of the guys who set up the ring, only saw dollars and cents and felt that Flair was too large of an investment at the money he was getting.

So he pitched two ideas to freshen up Flair’s image: The thinking was that business was falling rapidly at the time — which it was — and it was a buyer’s market for talent — which it was.

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He was hauled down in the box by Linas Klimavicius, and Kane stepped up to do the usual.

He was as accurate as ever, driving the penalty in off the post.

England were finding their front three much more quickly than in recent games, and that offered the platform for Alli and Marcush Rashford to link up in lively fashion.

There were more than a few moments when the two, playing either side of Kane, interchanged at pace and thereby fired England’s attacks with a real energy and menace.

You’d think the safer bet would be the younger guys, right?

In addition, Flair had a long-simmering grudge with WCW President Jim Herd, dating back to the original Ted Turner buyout of the company in 1988.Even if Southgate doesn’t manage to put together the flowing attack that he has spoken, it makes such a difference when you have a guaranteed goalscorer like Kane.There were at least signs of the fluency that the manager wants to develop in this team, and some greater creativity.It wasn’t quite the kind of attacking exhibition that Gareth Southgate wanted, but it was a win to close out the qualifying campaign, and had just enough signs of life to show that the “real work” the manager has desire for so long ahead of the World Cup has at least started.Harry Maguire and - especially - Harry Winks also did well on their debuts, while the new 3-4-3 formation offered promise, but this 1-0 victory away to Lithuania was still settled by something that has already become pleasingly old hat and reassuringly routine: a Harry Kane goal.The captain’s 27th minute penalty after Dele Alli had been taken down was his seventh goal in six internationals, and his 12th for his country in all.

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