Who is uti nwachukwu dating dating for indians in usa

( hehehe I won’t even touch this before some babes will say I’m swearing for them to marry a poor man…lol…but if he does get poor you stay) And the one that freaks me out…. ( meaning that the only thing that should separate you people is death! Trust me if it was to swear JUJU most Nigerians will be too afraid to make these vows!!! I watched my mother fulfill her Vows till my father died and I’m sure most us also watched and are still watching our parents fulfill their vows! Please please please stop getting married because: You are getting too old – We have a lot of 12 year olds walking around in the bodies of 30year olds! You are basically saying God deal with us if we don’t do this.

Being a Christian and everything, I feel like marriage is a sacred thing and it was originally planned so that a man and a woman can go to church and be married in unity.

So, I just feel like I don’t really agree with same-sex marriage but at the end of the day, who am I to judge?

Someone you can just sit and talk about ANYTHING WITH. Someone who inadvertently brings out all your good sides! The favour attached to marriage is immeasurable – HE WHO FINDS A WIFE FINDS A GOOD THING! Shout out to all the unpretentious married people brave enough to fulfill their vows and are living out their marital dreams. God has blessed you I’m not married, I’ve never been so I am not speaking from experience. I’m talking from a reasonable open minded point of view of a man who interacts with people on a daily basis.

In conclusion: Marriage to me should be a step taken when you meet someone and you just feel inside that this person understands you! Someone that makes you want to rush home every day after work! I personally would not walk down the aisle until I court someone who makes me feel this way.

You know you are ready when no matter how many hotties u see, even though you look and applaud, the thought of your spouse makes them look plain and unexciting! A SOLDIER & FINALLY SOMEONE WHO FEELS LIKE THE HOLY SPIRITS VERSION OF A PARTNER.

That even when you fight, you can’t go for long without talking! Someone that doesn’t need anything materialistic from you to make them happy!

The truth is…people that are happily married and busy raising a family have absolutely no time to bother about who is single, why they are single, who is married and staying married.

Which is why we are finding it hard to fully develop as a country? The amount of importance and relevance attached to marriage in this side of the world is the main reason for DEPRESSION, FAILURE, UNFULFILLED LIVES, PRETENSE AND UNREPORTED SUICIDE! Thank God for the kind of parents and Family I have o. MIND YOUR DARN BUSINESS AND FOCUS ON YOUR OWN LIVES! Even worse is when a married person says…Uti introduce me to one small fine girl Na .i de de lonely sometimes ….

– My people if you can’t find someone and you want a child and you feel biological clock dey tick, either you adopt or do IVF/surrogacy!

You want to cover up your sexuality – Society has pushed people into hiding so marriage is now a way to prove straightness. But that’s another article on the way Money – You can have the whole world and still feel empty! Amen/Amin And remember …It always Begins with a Choice.

Obviously, whatever your preference is, it’s up to you.

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