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In 2000, he appeared in an Australian comedy-drama film Bootmen where he played the role of a Dancing kid.

Wakefield plays Josh Mc Guire, the bored and frustrated son of a world-renowned cave diver.

When an expedition goes haywire, he is forced to man up and face his fears.

“I got to learn what does and doesn’t work on screen.

Because the turnaround is so fast, there’s no messing around.

“I got a great lesson in how to subtly manipulate the arc of a scene.” It’s a common thread running through Wakefield’s career so far — a willingness to soak up the wisdom of industry pros.

To the cynic, might seem like a celluloid sausage factory, but for Wakefield it was an actor’s training school without peer.The scenario might sound a tad well-worn, but Wakefield is not the kind of guy to waste any experience.Thanks to the movie, he learnt to scuba dive, climb cliffs, abseil face-first and hold his breath for “a minute and 21 seconds”.“I’d like to look back in 20 years and be able to say I chose every film because I really believed in it,” he muses.“I’d like to do interesting indie films mixed with big, high-paying commercial blockbusters,” he laughs.He was born and raised in a middle class family whose mother is a medical standards officer. He has earned the named of an actor among millions of fans but besides his popularity and well known name and fame he is still living a single life and there is no information about his girlfriend in the media. In 2003, Rhys joined Mc Donald College of Performing Arts after he won an acting scholarship. Two years later he appeared in an Australian children's television program Don't Blame Me starring the role of Brad. Edit Tall and handsome, Rhys Wakefield was born in the late 1980s in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

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