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For a scene in which Bette had to drag Joan across the floor, Joan filled her pockets with rocks.And in those fight scenes, no stunt doubles were necessary.

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Newly divorced and on the prowl, she invited Tone over for dinner, only to greet him naked, in her solarium.

Whether it was the nudity or the possibility of free tanning sessions, Franchot was hooked and Joan made sure Bette knew about it. They met each day for lunch…he would return to the set, his face covered in lipstick…He was honoured this great star was in love with him.

Despite this, the two actresses were described as consummate professionals, always remembering their lines and turning up to the set on time.

Even if it was motivated by the chance to give each other a good kicking.

And since the cover that started it all, there have been 61 iconic December Playboy covers to date.

Click through to see how December covers have evolved over six decades.

Crawford won an Academy Award for (1945) a part Davis turned down, no doubt adding to her bitterness.

Though Bette didn’t do too badly herself, winning two Academy Awards in the course of her career.

The 75-year-old actress, who has appeared in over 40 movies, also opened up to Piers Morgan on his Life Stories programme about her dramatic personal life, which saw her married four times and also dating Hollywood heavyweights Steve Mc Queen, Warren Beatty and Dudley Moore.'I mean they like it in the beginning, they like the whole attraction and the sort of dance that we all do, but they don't really like the fact that when we go some place together I become the person that's focused on.

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