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In a food processor, pulse 1/2 cup of the walnuts until finely ground; set aside.Add the dates to the processor and pulse until pureed; transfer to a medium bowl.

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You might want to consider taking a more or less demure shot, depending on what kind of relationship you’re looking for.

And make sure the lighting is flattering – if you don’t have good lighting in your home, go outside!

If you burned the food, serve yourself the portion that is the most "well done." Fill the wineglasses half full (or half empty, depending on how you feel the dinner is going). Don't let her do the dishes, even if she insists. If she excuses herself to go to the restroom, don't offer her a magazine.

Walk her out at the end of the evening -- provided, of course, she does walk out at the end of the evening. Unless, of course, she's stronger than you are.

If anyone’s ever wronged you, you know how that felt and maybe it affected your dating life in the future, and you’re doing the same thing.

So you want to have good ‘date-iquette,’” Simone says.

Style expert and TV personality Clinton Kelly is helping one woman find love by giving her an amazing makeover!

We brought in a dating expert and “man-el” (panel of men) to help her improve her profile, but Clinton took it a step further by giving her a life-changing makeover!

“The next time you’re on a date with someone and you’re just not that interested, send them a quick reply like, ‘Hey, I realized I’m actually enjoying this chapter of my life right now.

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