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When Aria asks about this Ella says that she invited Meredith to the opening.

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Aria introduces them and Ella asks if he's going to see the movie. She whispers to Aria that she forgot to mention that her English Teacher was young and cute.

When Ezra walks inside she calls to him to sit with them then offers him some popcorn.

Ella questions this and he tries to avoid the question but she is persistent.

He lies and says how he can get obsessed with work not completely revealing what he is actually afraid of.

At breakfast Ella expresses her shock to Aria at Hanna's transformation and the dress she wore to the funeral.

Byron comes down and says that he'll be working late.

Mike passes by and says he needs a ride to lacrosse, to which Aria offers to take him.

Ella and Aria go downstairs and find Mike searching in boxes for his stuff.

In Do Not Disturb, it was revealed, that she was seeing Byron again and that he has proposed to her.

In We've All Got Baggage, Aria officiated the wedding between Byron and Ella.

She cares dearly for her kids and respects their privacy.

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