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Power Rangers is inching closer to its release date, and with each passing day, we get a few more details about the film.Since the film is based on the nostalgia-laden Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series from the ‘90s, fans have been wondering if any of the old rangers from the original series might make an appearance in the film. Thanks to the release of the film's production notes from Lionsgate, we now know that 2 original Power Rangers will be appearing in the new film.Thanks to fast-acting Phoenix police officers, tragedy was narrowly avoided at Phoenix Comic-Con.

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"I roll pretty deep with security," he explained, "But the comic cons need to change.

Even here in San Diego, I had a couple people do some videos and get in here with no passes and stuff, so I always have people around." "Fans are showing me how easy it is to get into these things and they really need to be mandated for the safety of everyone," he continued.

Are you ready to see the hidden side of your favorite Power Ranger? Join in, we are going to reveal the real-life partners of the actors from the original Power Rangers series!

We tried our best to gather as much as we could on the information present on the public portals, but yes there are few Rangers, whose partners we weren’t able to trace-out, feel free to add their names in the comments section, and we will compile them in our post!

Frank's cameo was one of the only highlights in the 2017 film, and fan excitement over it proved how rewarding a standalone film starring Frank could be.

If fans were excited to see Frank merely make a cameo in the reboot, imagine how they'd react to an entire film with him at its core.

"Guns could be brought in here still to this day from San Diego Comic-Con.

We really gotta lock this down, we got kids, we got people around the world." Frank said he believed the attempt on his life "happened to me because I think God put it on my heart to make things going." A spokesperson for Comic-Con International told Too Fab the event takes "security very seriously." "As you can imagine we take security very seriously.

Frank has remained actively involved in the franchise by participating in conventions and events of all kinds.

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