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Thank you for your support and patience but this story is off for a while :)It's Complicated- a Yogscast Tekkit fanfic. This is my first ever fanfic, so if anything is really wrong, please say! The Yogscast, all its characters, Tekkit and Minecraft are all trademark.This is basically a fanfic about the romance, friendship, rivalry and envy in the Tekkit series separate Yogscast-ers have done." Says Simon, waltzing to her and kissing her hand."Get off you dirty old man" She laughs, winking at Simon. " Reassures Kim."Ok, but, can you get him to notice me? " Laughs Kim."You're the best Kim, see you in abit! "Zoey is standing outside Honeydew Inc, the lights from Simon's "face" illuminating her.'Well, here goes nothing! Thankyou for reading, next chapter will be out soon, probably a week to 2 weeks Next Chapter we've got the party, and some s**ts going to go down! If you like this so far be sure to follow the series, comment ect.

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Who is hannah dating yogscast

The same goes for Erin, Sjin’s girlfriend, who is an absolute delight, and Sjin’s ex, Minty, who again joins the tally of people who are just shockingly lovely. He appearntly did something vague and horrible in the past.

You’re worried that he is still doing things to people now only on the basis that someone else also had an experience with him that may or may not be true.

Basically a fanfic of The Yogscast family's Tekkit, includes romance, betrayal, love, hate, ect.

Just something I've wanted to do for a while :) PLEASE NOTE- THIS STORY IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Yet you also won’t supply sufficient evidence to help your case.

Are you doing this because of the recent events happening and want to get in on that sllice of attention pie?I would also like to make it clear that I have never and will never have any ill feelings towards Kim or Hannah, they are two of the nicest people that I have ever spoken to and I wish them nothing but the best. It takes a great deal of courage to come forward with shit like this and I’m sick and tired of these people getting shit on for being truthful.Please do not, under any circumstances, hassle them about this. Also, a disclaimer: No, I’m not going to produce any screenshots here. So what you’re telling me is, in a nut shell that Sjin talked to you in the past.(Now, pre note, I know Kim wasn't in Tekkit, or FTB for that matter, but I love her, so I'm adding her in!) And I've tried so hard for it to switch from people, although it has got lots of Zoey and Rythian! Post a comment if you like/dislike it, and follow for more!Her slightly faded red hair is tied messily behind her head, and her face is flushed from the heat of the furnace below her. " Zoey's head turns as she hears a noise behind her."Morning, Tee!

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