Who is brooke hogan really dating

Me and Nick are two years apart, and he was right between us in school.”Linda Hogan filed for divorce from her husband, Hulk Hogan, in November 2007.

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Brooke Hogan has confirmed her mother Linda is dating a teenager.

Linda, 48, has been spotted out and about with 19-year-old Charlie Hill, but has remained mum on the news.

Talking about the shame brought on his name, she said: "He's my dad, I love him."The reason I'm standing by his side...

is because I know him, and it's so easy for people to...

Not only has she flirted with a pro wrestling career herself, she's also dabbled with reality TV (who hasn't), the silver screen, and rivalling Britney in the charts with her power vocals.

Credit to her, she's still soldiering on despite more ups and downs than a yo-yo.

Brooke certainly isn't afraid to stand up for her old man though, speaking out in his defence.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, was recorded using the n-word on a sex tape dating back nearly a decade, yet the footage only came to light last year.

Daughter Brooke, however, confirmed her mom’s romance to Michael Yo for his show “Yo on E!

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