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Actor Fred Divel played the body double during this evil twin storyline where Brian Patrick Clarke’s face was unseen and both characters were both in the same scene.

Pressly is hysterically funny, so maybe she’ll breathe some life back into the show, which has been bleeding viewers since Charlie Sheen took off to enjoy the party lifestyle and Ashton Kutcher took his place on the couch. I can’t really disagree with him — the show’s kind of filthy. are both interested, so the show will likely return.

Miley Cyrus was pretty funny as a love interest for Jake, too, so maybe if they keep bringing in some funny, attractive women, Jones won’t have as much to whine about the show’s quality or his lame story lines.

More of his film credits can be abstracted from wiki. He has joined the annual "Rock ' N Roll Fantasy Camp" in August 2008.

Similarly he has joined many other foundations to help mankind.

) Anyway, a bit of pouting apparently worked because he’s not only returning to the set, but he’s got a storyline that’s sure to put the “f” in filth.

Seems that funny lady Jame Pressly is coming on the show, and we’re guessing this means Jones/Jake won’t be a half man anymore!His success has given him wonderful earnings and his estimated net worth is around million dollars.This net worth of him shows how successful he has been in his career so far.With the talent that he owns, he has long way to go and achieve more success.From the very early age, Angus was very talented and showed his interest in acting.Besides, that whole tirade was probably suspicious anyway — after all, he’s been Skype-ing in his character’s one-liners from the Army this season.

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