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So, American Culture is 100% better than African "Culture". The savage practice of female circumcision occurs only in certain countries within Africa (Africa is a continent, not a country), and even within those countries it is certain religions or tribes that practice the act.

Though we've never figured out how many wives/girlfriends/fiances Akon has or has had, he recently declared paternity of two sons in Georgia.

We're sure there's plenty more where that came from.

I happen to see more African men happily married to a black African woman and having children from one marriage then I see black american men married to a black women.

I can generalize just as you did and say that black american women have nasty attitudes are aggressive, hostile, and unsubmissive and wear their "independence" like it's a badge of honor which is why most are unmarried and or single.

My heart goes out to his kids because his wives are fully aware of his resume and hopefully this jumpoff doesn’t have a father to judge her... It’s the largest and best club for seeking CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities. I’m seriousdstygrdb Doesn't Akon have three wives or something? that's his religion and everything, but don't mean you gotta involve yourself in that too.

Let’s not forget this NIGGA had a few good tracks seven years ago Hello,everybody,the good shoping place,the new season approaching, click in. I wouldn't care how much money Akon got, I wouldn't mess with him!

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But i must say this, with all the beautiful badd ass black women in Africa, Brazil, The west Indies shit even America!!!

Exactly...there are 10 white guys to every 1 black "man".

You don't have to get a pale, white, pink skin looking guy.

Venessa.boo1, this isn’t her first rodeo and I am sure she didn’t meet him on a blind date in Italy….

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