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During Season 6, Carter and his friend and medical student Lucy Knight (Kellie Martin) were stabbed by patient Paul Sobricki (David Krumholtz), a law student suffering from schizophrenia.

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He returns after two weeks in the Season 10 beginning episode.

When Kovač is reported killed in Africa, Carter goes back to retrieve his body at the beginning of Season 10, bringing some hospital supplies with him.

Andrew spent last night at Daniels, so he sort of met us at the festival after the parade; actually, he meet his friends and said hello to us in passing.

Of course, he has to renew his learners permit first.

Because of the WGA Strike, ER was renewed for a 15th season (it was originally slated to end after Season 14), during which Wyle appeared in five episodes as part of the show's plan to bring back former regulars.

Carter arrives to County General as a third-year medical student.County General: Medical student (1994–96) Intern (1996–98) Resident (1998–2001) Chief Resident (2001–03) Per Diem (2003–05) Attending Physician (2005) Per Diem (2009) Other: Chairman of The Carter Family Foundation (2003–present) NGO Volunteer (2003, 2005–08) Dr.John Truman Carter III, portrayed by Noah Wyle, is a fictional character from the American television series ER.The character, called simply "Carter" by most other characters, was introduced in the pilot episode and appeared for eleven consecutive seasons.Wyle decided to leave the show as a regular character at the conclusion of season 11, despite offers to stay.About a month later, Carter cannot shake his grief or his troubles with Abby, and agrees to go to the Congo (without Abby's agreement) to join Dr. While there, he mends his previous rift with Kovač (due to their mutual feelings for Abby) and they begin to understand one another better.

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