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For example, considering the following network configuration of two NICs per host: command (a standard UNIX utility) to test the sequential throughput performance of a logical disk or file system.The memory test uses the STREAM benchmark program to measure sustainable memory bandwidth.

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Hence verification and validation, methods and techniques aimed at ensuring quality, are fundamentally important.

This paper surveys the issues, methods and techniques for verifying and validating expert systems.

Using the latest area scan camera technology (mounted onto a transport system provided by Rotech Machines) and its flagship Discovery Multiscan software, the system reads a variety of codes printed on the lottery tickets and passes the data to an external system for verification.

If a negative response is received, the lottery ticket is automatically diverted, in real time, so that it can be inspected further offline.

To validate the entire application, a user must have the Entire Application Editor - All (both Budget and Non-Budget) Access level.

To validate a component, a user must have the Editor - All (both Budget and Non-Budget) Access level for that component.

Here are some key points to consider: When a new project is being designed, many pieces of the process will be tested to ensure that the end product can be manufactured efficiently and consistently.

Metal detection, whilst not generally part of the process to actually create a product, is almost always required to ensure that the end product is safe once packed and ready for onward sale.

Metal detection systems form part of a manufacturer’s quality control procedures and are an essential part of protecting both the consumer and the brand from the ill effects of contaminated end products, whether they are physical or reputational.

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