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The “iss” value is a case-sensitive string containing a String Or URI value. The “aud” (audience) claim identifies the recipients that the JWT is intended for.Each principal intended to process the JWT MUST identify itself with a value in the audience claim.00000060: 774d 6fb0 8b3a 2257 4a55 04ad 289b cc4d w Mo..:"WJU..(..

00000080: 6060 d45f e078 f84f e537 4319 2d89 f72e ``._.x. 00000090: 60c4 cdb0 6b54 9326 9321 3339 4a4f 1e75 `...k T.&.! 000000c0: 08d2 3060 9f8a a1e0 edb8 2b10 df23 789d ..0`...... 000000d0: 3e52 ee3e d6f0 468a bfee 3366 d39e 28db file.

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Firmware update packages must be capable of updating one or more of the following types of firmware: It is recommended that each firmware update package target a single firmware resource (UEFI system firmware or a single device), but there may be circumstances where it is advantageous to have a single firmware update package that updates both system firmware and one or more devices.

Note A device cannot be targeted by more than one firmware update package.

Its value MUST be a number containing a Numeric Date value. The “iss” (issuer) claim identifies the principal that issued the JWT.

The processing of this claim is generally application specific.Seems like apple updates prior to Mavericks were pure xar and tar packages.With Mavericks and above apple changed the file format from a tar to pbzx(lzma).This claim can be used to determine the age of the JWT.Its value MUST be a number containing a Numeric Date value. The technical objective of this work is to provide an object level constraint declaration and validation facility for the Java application developer, as well as a constraint metadata repository and query API.

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