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Similarly, “Previous” button can be used for moving to a previous page for the purpose of view or correction.(i) Adding new rows: Sections such as “Details of the manufacture, clearance and duty payable” allow you to enter multiple rows of data in a tabular form. To add more than one row, you must have filled data in the mandatory fields of the previous row.(ii) Delete rows: Rows that have been added in the section, can be removed by checking the “select” box(es) and clicking “Delete”.All rows cannot be deleted since atleast a minimum of one row of details should be present.For example, for the ER-1 return filed for the month of December, 2009 by an assessee having registration no AAABC7865HXM001, the number “AAABC7865HXM001_ER1_122009” is generated as acknowledgement.

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When an assessee does not have any stock of excisable finished goods, any PLA/CENVAT credit balance, when during a month, there is no manufacture and clearance of any excisable goods etc. when there is nothing to declare to the department for the month, this can be used.

Once the “NIL” return check box is checked, after providing the year and month of the return, the system will take you to the last screen of the return to fill in the details like place etc.

CGST Act IGST Act UTGST Act GST (Compensation to the States) Act Addendum to the GST Rate Schedule - 101st Constitution Amendment Act, 2016 Addendum to the GST Rate Schedule - GST Compensation Cess Rates Decided in the GST Council Meeting held on Chapter Wise Rate wise GST Schedule - Chapter wise GST Rate Schedule for Goods Decided in the GST Council Meeting held on Revised Threshold for Composition Scheme - IGST Exemptions Approved by the GST Council - GST Rates Approved by the GST Council - Service Tax Exemptions in GST IGST Exemption, Concession List - Composition - Rules Valuation Rules ITC - Rules Invoice, Debit & Credit Notes - Rules Payment - Rules Refund - Rules Registration - Rules Return- Rules Transition Rules Proposed CTD Document Accounts and Record Rules GST rate Schedule for Services List of Services under Reverse Charge Classification Scheme for Services Under GST Decisions Taken by the GST Council in the 16th Meeting - Assessees registered with ACES application and with department (Central Excise/Service Tax) can access the online facility to file returns that match their profile (ER-1 / ER-3 / ER-4 / ER-5 / ER-6 / Dealer return OR ST-3) and submit the same to the system.

Manufacturers availing exemption on the basis of value of their annual clearance, manufacturer of processed yarn, unprocessed fabrics falling under chapters 50 through 55,58 or 60 of the Central Excise Tariff or manufacturers of readymade garments.

The generated XML file should be uploaded into ACES.

ER-1 is monthly return for production and removal of goods and other relevant particulars including CENVAT credit.

Validating Sheets: Click on the ''Validate this sheet" button to ensure that the sheet has been properly filled and also data has been furnished in proper format.

If there are some errors on the sheet, the Utility will prompt you about the same.

One crore in the preceding financial year You can file your returns online after logging into ACES using your user-id and password.

You can also prepare your return off-line using Excel Downloadable Utility and then upload the XML file so generated.

If any modification is required, click on “MODIFY” button. In case of disruption while entering my return, is it possible for me to retrieve the entered details and complete the return at a later point of time or Is it necessary that I have to fill and file the return at one go?

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