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This way you have scalability, high availability and redundancy.

TMG arrays come in two flavors: standalone and Enterprise Management Server (EMS).

The first one (standalone) stores the array configuration on one of the TMG servers that you designate as an array manager, and the second one (EMS) stores the array configuration o a dedicated server. you need the Enterprise edition of TMG in order to create arrays.

There are stand alone arrays and enterprise arrays.

An enterprise array require an EMS server where stand alone arrays do not.

If this doesn’t resolve the errors, please contact support.

Service Pack 2 (SP2) was recently released for Microsoft’s firewall product Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG).

) See my follow up post for some of the changes included in TMG SP2 & good luck with your installation…!

Arrays consist of redundant members of a TMG deployment that share the same configuration.

All that is left is to create another array, but that’s not what you wanted right?

Long story-short is that you can join to an array only one TMG server that runs the standard edition of the product, but you can have many enterprise TMG servers.

I agree with you, but this TMG server of yours can fail, and if it fails all those services will either get unprotected or users can’t access them anymore.

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