Updating sql database from an array

Share Point 2013 (Enterprise edition) comes with Excel Services.

Approximately 2 hours PHP is a popular web scripting language, and is often used to create database-driven web sites.

This tutorial helps you get started with PHP and Oracle Database by showing how to build a web application and by giving techniques for using PHP with Oracle.

We are opening a session, checking for errors, updating a cell, checking for errors and finally closing the session.

Although in the screenshot, I'm doing something naughty, in that I'm not labeling my actions, in the downloaded UDA file below, they have been labeled and should make it easier for you to understand what it is doing.

If it's convenient, could you please help with getting this worked. I don't have the administration access to the site – but need to know what to ask the support team. Is it possible to have a workflow open an Excel file and refresh pivot data? I believe this must be because the session ID is wrong.

Especially - how to correctly set the Hi, Vadim, Are farm-level credentials required to make this work? There is a setting in Excel that will automatically refresh if the file is opened, so all I need the workflow to do is open the file and then close it again. Hi Melanie, Although I haven't done much work with pivot tables, I would say that it's probably not do-able with out of the box Workflow. If the pivot data refreshes when you open the file anyway, why do you need a workflow to do it, since it'll refresh the next time a user opens the file? I need a workflow because we want to display the pivot table in a webpart that the user sees. We are using a Nintex form that the user data enters in the data. The list is exported to Excel The workbook is stored in a library. In your UDA, I see you are using the whole string in I assume the Session ID should be only the “session Id” part of it?

I ask because I'm able to use my own Site Owner account to select the Web method and get to Open Workbook For Editing. I'm trying to create a workflow that would create a folder, an Excel document from a template and a couple of other files and then populate the cells in the Excel document with various values from various sources (including web page on the intranet). I have extracted that part, with and without the quotation marks, and have tried with the whole result string as well, but no luck.

However, when I navigate to get the Web service output and add m: Open Workbook For Editing Result, the dropdown down does not return anything, meaning no Session ID option. Hi Vadim, I have a requirement to read data from different tabs of excel and creating sharepoint list item for each excel row. I get this error when configuring the Call Web Service: Failed to invoke web service. When putting that into the Close Workbook method, I am still getting the 500 status.

For this web method call to work, put in a "m:" before the two cell Value parameters.

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