Updating space 2 for modern machines

The program consisted of a soil probe, a lander, and a satellite.

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The Mission: Not actually a space probe, Helios was the last in a line of high altitude, solar powered atmospheric research platforms designed to fly in the upper atmosphere.

The Problem: While the previous aircrafts in the series succeeded in breaking a number of flight records, Helios just couldn't hack it.

The Mission: A series of classified surveillance satellites, SBIRS was supposed to answer the Air Force's need for tracking ballistic missile launches.

Consisting of high and low orbit satellites, SBIRS is scheduled to go on line next year.

Anything from a faulty transmitter to a complete crash to interference from Marvin could have caused the failure.

NASA still hopes to one day find the MPL and figure out what went wrong.

The Problem: It wasn't the grabbing a piece of the sun that proved to be a problem, but the bringing it back.

The satellite was too delicate to simply land, so NASA planned to catch the capsule in mid air by hooking its parachute with a helicopter.

The Problem: No one really knows what happened to the MPL.

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