shakira and wyclef dating - Updating psp to 3 52

i went to a salesperson who informed me that best buy had received about 250 units and that only 40 had been sold so far–it was snowing in the northeast yesterday, though, so that may have had something to do with the low sales figures.

moments later i was at the cash register with the psp, a carrying case, a screen protector, and the ridge racer game in can see how easily it fits in my hand.

i showed it around work and i think i sold a couple within seconds–people just couldn't get over how sleek looking it was and the amazing quality of the games. even after i bought the psp, before i turned it on i was doubting whether it would get any use beyond a review since the nintendo ds i bought has been sitting in a drawer since my first week of ownership.

in the case of the psp, though, i think i have a new handheld media device.

instead, i got a movie disc of “spider-man 2.” i would have preferred a choice of a movie or a game. it's sony's device, so the company definitely could have afforded to throw a larger one in there.

and while they were at it, they should have added a psp directory and corresponding photos and music directories, too. i've already heard stories of dead pixels, and while i haven't seen that yet, i did notice that the drive door doesn't close all of the way on my unit.

a few properly recorded mp3 songs later and i was out of space.

i had heard stories of the psp vibrating while the disc is running, but i experienced no such vibration and within seconds was enjoying the best quality handheld gaming experience i've ever seen.

a friend bought ridge racer, too, so we'll be playing against each other later today–i'll detail that for you next week.

as for getting the device on the network, the psp has a configuration app built in and a network update application that lets you make sure that you have the latest os on your psp.

of course, i have the carrying case that comes with it and i even bought one that fully protects the unit when not in use, so i won't be holding it this way much of the time.

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