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Starting to download XML_Parser-1.3.2(16,260 bytes) ...done: 16,260 bytes install ok: channel://net/XML_Parser-1.3.2 install ok: channel://net/XML_Serializer-0.19.2 $ cd myapp/ myapp$ ls My App My myapp$ pfm PEAR Package File Manager Command Line Tool Please enter the location of your package [.]*: . [c] (c,u)*: u Enter the package URI*: Enter a 1 line summary*: My first PEAR example application. Enter a description* (2 blank lines to finish): My App is my first PEAR example application. Enter the release version*: 0.1.0 Enter the API version [0.1.0]*: Choose a release stability [alpha] (alpha,beta,stable)*: Choose an API stability [alpha] (alpha,beta,stable)*: Enter any release notes* (2 blank lines to finish): Initial release Enter the minimum PHP version [5]*: Enter the minimum PEAR Installer version [1.4.0]*: Please choose a license from one of the following options 1) Apache 2) BSD Style 3) LGPL 4) MIT 5) PHP Please choose an option: 4 How many maintainers? [lead] (lead,developer,contributor,helper)*: Enter maintainer #1's name*: Ferry Boender Enter maintainer #1's username*: fboender Enter maintainer #1's email [[email protected]]*: [email protected] Package File Manager Command Line Tool 1. You will learn more about attributes and how to get/set them in the [doc configuration :name] chapter.

As you saw, first we were able to check that our server can actually run Doctrine.

Then we learned all the different ways we can download and install Doctrine.

This is how we will perform tests with Doctrine throughout the chapters so make sure it is working for you!

It should output the path to your Doctrine installation. This was our first chapter where we actually got into some code.

Note You can read about the PHP autoloading on the php website.

Using the autoloader allows us to lazily load classes as they are requested instead of pre-loading all classes. function and pass it the name of the class instantiated.

All the error messages just should be fixed, to reduce confusion about whether or not a package install really worked.

Today we released some new avatars that you can add to your King Care profile!

It is highly recommended that you use Doctrine via SVN and the externals option.

This option is the best as you will receive the latest bug fixes from SVN to ensure the best experience using Doctrine.

The class name string is manipulated and transformed in to a path and required.

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