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If you want to send email that comes “from” the new email address (i.e.sending email that comes from your [email protected] your old [email protected] account), you’ll probably need to set that up with your old email account, but once again, many email providers have made this possible.In other variations, con artists make pitches for credit cards, extended warranties, and phony sweepstakes and lotteries. The top 40 scam campaigns accounted for the majority of all robocalls this year, reports Pindrop Labs, which tracks telephone fraud.

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Updating my address book scam

In the year ahead, you may encounter frightening but faux threats of arrest, lawsuits and financial ruin for supposedly missing jury duty or not paying a bill.

And some scams are even more frightening: those that include threats of physical harm, such as the "hitman hoax" that seeks payment to cancel a supposed contract on your life, and the "virtual kidnapping" con that often includes background screams and pleas by criminals posing as loved ones who are allegedly being tortured and held for ransom.

Many email services now provide you the option to automatically email sent to one account to another.

For example, when setting up your “[email protected]” email address, you can tell the provider to automatically forward any email sent to that email address to your old email address.

Sid Kirchheimer is the author of Scam-Proof Your Life, published by AARP Books/Sterling.

This question (and variants of it) are incredibly common. Changing an email address often means one thing to the person asking and something very different to the services that provide email. Many people simply want a new email address that delivers to the same place that their old email address did.

In 2017, watch out for come-ons to purchase a card, load money on it and then provide the 16-digit code.

It's a fast and virtually untraceable way to steal your money.

These included the hacking of tax professionals' computers with bogus software updates that allow the criminals access to clients' personal and financial data.

Like other strong emotions, fear briefly shuts down your brain's logic centers and makes you more likely to react impulsively.

Unfortunately, as I said above, in most cases the accounts and email addresses are effectively the same thing: your email address actually identifies your email account.

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