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BRAVIA brand phones are able to watch 1seg terrestrial television.

/ service only" and via the Internet for later models.

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Races are generally three-lap events with two to fifteen racers.

There are nine playable tracks in the game with a further four are available to purchase as downloadable content through the Play Station Store.

Sony Bravia Internet Video first became available in late 2009 on Internet enabled Bravia TV's, later becoming available on Sony Blu-ray and home theatre systems.

The original Bravia Internet Video was built around Sony's XMB interface and had several streaming media partners including: Amazon Video On Demand, You Tube, Yahoo! XBR8 is a series of Sony BRAVIA LCD High Definition Televisions.

The events in the game occur in real-time, such as the mud effects, tire marks, and crashes (for example, if a car loses a wheel, it will remain where it lands for the duration of the race).

Each track is filled with a variety of jumps, bumps, cliffs, ledges, mud pits, parts from other cars, and other obstacles.

2006–2007 models may be updated using Memory Stick or USB.

Depending upon the country and TV standard the Tuner may need a Service Device to update it.

Subsequent flagship models of Sony's smartphone range such as the Xperia S, and Xperia Z use enhanced versions of the BRAVIA engine.

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