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GSDX has always had DX10 (since i believe 0.9.6) I'm running vista & just checked my driver at the automatic driver checker, it said "Your PC currently has the latest driver installed for your GPU. I don't have the direct3d10 option Yeah, it seems I need to install Vista Platform Update, I've direct3d10 now.

I went into the Settings and Gaming and turned the Game Bar back on and then the the logon screen came up normally and the game was running DX10.

I could then turn the game bar back off and the game still worked.

Now you can have an infinite range of font styles, with smooth interpolation from Light to Bold and beyond.

Better still: because a single, efficient variable font can replace several static fonts, variable fonts save a lot of space.

anyone have problems with the latest windows update running conan in DX 10?

If I launch the DX 10 exe I get a white screen after the patcher. I can then select DX10, but pretty sure that doenst do anything since I launched the DX 9 exe, so I think I'm still in DX 9 even tho I checked the DX 10 box.

To learn more about variable font technology, see the articles in Wired, Designmodo, or Alphabettes.

Bahnschrift is our own rendition of the DIN font standard.

Furthermore, source code and documentation are provided (see page 2), which should aid future efforts to keep these games running. Unfortunately, this does lead to artifacts where the textures don't tile (example). Note: on some hardware this setting seems to result in black backgrounds around HUD icons, etc. Greatly improves visual quality by filtering jagged lines. Might want to turn this off if you want to set an extra-wide FOV for multiplayer games. Otherwise, D3D10 renderers before version 18 use a more vibrant lighting scheme; after version 18 HDR is used (in which case reverting to classic lighting improves performance). The games seem to appreciably start to speed up above ~200 FPS. Setting this to a negative values makes the game use larger mipmaps (textures) than it'd normally do. Will use an external height map texture if present, otherwise the detail texture is used. This matches the look used by early versions of Unreal running on 3Dfx hardware; later versions of that renderer seem to have switched to single-pass multitexturing. Synchronizes the game's frame redraws with monitor updates, reducing visual tearing. Can be ignored unless you've got special textures installed.

Thanks, for various reasons, go out to Danny, Tyler, Ro, Sebastian, Eric. Requires at least 4x anti aliasing enabled to take effect. Theoretically improves quality but far-off textures tend to look too 'busy'. This setting can be turned off for the look most people will be used to. However, some people seem to experience input lag with this enabled (in other games as well). Attempts to fake bump mapping if textures have normal maps present. Testing the renderer, some issues cropped up which were found out to actually be due to the games/API itself and visible on all renderers tried. It's bound to be the most future proof; the newer the API the less problematic with modern hardware it's bound to be; it's a clear baseline from a hardware standpoint; it makes most sense for me to work with this API at this time.

This Direct3D 10 renderer for Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex and Rune aims to provide a good, consistent looking and future proof renderer for these games.

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