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Setting this value too low can impact the performance of the system.Setting this higher will throttle the frequency of re-connect attempts when a database is not available. Note: if editing the name all references internal to App Board are updated automatically, however in some cases Data Processing Scripts may have hardcoded references that will break as a result of the rename. To disable the timeout set the value to zero, or to override the global default set to a positive value.

The JDBC connection string/URL for defining the connection.

This typically contains information about the database server and name, the user id, a password for connecting to the database, and an Oracle SID at the end which uniquely identifies the name of a particular database to connect to. Note that the sample URL string contains an Oracle SID at the end ("portal"), which uniquely identifies the name of a particular database to connect to.

This page provides details for configuring database adapters in App Board.

For information on creating the database adapter, or other App Board adapters, see App Board Data Sources The two types of database adapters to select from are Database Query or Database Table.

Setting this to 0 will implement a round-robin / no priority failover. In cases where App Board can detect this an error message is presented to the administrator identifying the affected scripts. Note: this option uses a feature of the JDBC driver and whether it is supported and the actual behaviour will depend on the driver.

The maximum duration (in seconds) to establish a successful database connection.

After a primary data source fails and failover occurs to a secondary or tertiary source, App Board will try to recover/revert to the highest priority configuration after this many seconds.

Setting that determines how soon after a failed connection App Board will attempt to re-connect to that database.

Occasionally you may want to disable a Data Source.

For example, you may set up a Data Source for testing purposes, but do not want it to continue running for performance reasons.

When naming a query, only alphanumeric characters, underscores, and hyphens are permitted.

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