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The race to the edge, part 3: Where a fast food restaurant chain that can't always reach the cloud because its city is surrounded by a rain forest finds a way to move its data center into something like a refrigerator.Figuring out how to acquire new customers is difficult.Maybe you should, but you don't have to, so it's not a factor here.

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Despite their marketing-y support charts, I don't think they are quite as robust as the Sass versions.

I've been led to understand in the past that the language of LESS itself doesn't make it possible to build as robust of libraries on top of it. In both cases, the onus is on you to keep the preprocessor software itself up to date as well as these libraries. For instance, Compass updates will just come automatically in Code Kit, or you use a Gem which is easy to update, while LESS mixins you'll have to manually update a file yourself.

Winner: Nobody With either language, you can write your own mixins to help with vendor prefixes. But you know how you don't go back and update the prefixes you use on all your projects?

(You don't.) You also won't update your handcrafted mixins file.

But thats where the logic/looping abilities of LESS end.

Sass has actual logical and looping operators in the language.

Images, gradients, and any combination of them comma-separated, and you'll get what you need (vendor prefixes and all). But when competing for attention from front end people, LESS has the edge.

This succinct and intelligible code: Winner: Sass LESS has a nicer, more usable website. I don't doubt this plays a large role in LESS currently winning the popularity race.

if/then/else statements, for loops, while loops, and each loops. While guarded mixins are a pretty cool, natural concept, language robustness goes to Sass.

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