Updating an old gold mirror taylor swift dating history chart

But it is surprisingly simple—much easier than paint and a paint brush. ) Make sure to pay attention to how far you need to hold the can from the object, how long to shake the can and how long you need to allow the paint to cure before applying a second coat. Sweep; Don’t Paint Use large sweeping motions, horizontally or vertically depending on your object, to get an optimal even distribution of paint. Use a Large Dropcloth When you paint with a brush you don’t need much overlap space, but when you are spray painting you need to spray past the object to ensure even coverage. Check out this fun article from Sassy Style, which rounds up some more ingenious ways you can use spray paint to “upcycle” everyday objects, from plastic chairs to your front door! C., who writes about her projects for The Home Depot.Keep these tips in mind when starting on your project and it should all be smooth painting. Make sure you have a large piece of plastic or cloth that is twice the size of the object you are painting. Jennifer’s mirror upcycling was one of many she undertook after moving into her current home.You can also lay down plastic or an old sheet under your work area.

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When we moved into our house, it came with a variety of wall décor carefully chosen by the previous owner at some point during the closing chimes of the last century.

While I love antiques, I’m not yet ready to embrace the ‘90s as historic, and the faux antique mirror and frame in the guest bathroom had to go (especially after we had remodeled the bathroom and installed chrome fixtures that clashed superbly with the mirror’s fake gold frame).

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how we updated our old mirror: Here’s the original mirror, in the original bathroom, before we remodeled.

As you can see, the gold tones do go with the green walls, if you like that sort of thing.

Fixing them will definitely improve the look of the finished product!

Finally, if you get any paint on the mirror, simply let it dry and then scrape it off with a straight-edged razor.

Step 2: We sprayed the paint evenly across the frame in long, sweeping movements.

Then we waited five minutes and gave it a second coat.

For an even more in-depth tutorial, check out our friends over at Young House Love, who found a nice mirror on sale and gave it a couple of coats of paint to fit right in with their nursery decor!

A bathroom makeover that includes changing everything from floor to ceiling is expensive.

However, a lick of French Grey paint and some new shiny chrome lighting and bathroom fixtures later, the room had a fresh modern feel, but the mirror didn’t—time to get out the spray paint.

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