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Okay, I’m just going to jump right in to today post because I’m anxious to get everyone’s thoughts…

So reason #3,508,237 why I love Pinterest is that you can get a little inside scoop on what other bloggers are getting ready to do.

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Three of the new ones on the fixture to the right and the big frosted globe made it in amongst the old globes to the left: Here are a couple of close ups of the one on the left (try to ignore the old globes flanking the new one in the center…): And then the other set: I also took a couple of shots with the lights off since I know they are sort of hard to see.

So far, John and I are both leaning towards the grooved globe – It’s got that vintage vibe we like without getting into traditional.

Although I’d prefer a fixture with straight lines throughout, our current ones are in good shape and could be given a new life with updated globes.

Here are the options I brought home to try out: We’ve got: Here are the original lights again – You can see the globes a bit better in these photos: To try the new ones, I took the lightbulbs out and then unscrewed the hardware holding the old glass in place.

Once the light is separated from the base, check all wires for voltage.

If all is safe, remove one wire nut at a time, separate the wires and screw the wire nut back on the wall side.This 1980s light fixture was making this bathroom look very dated. Before you start the job, be sure to take these safety precautions: Switch off and tape off (or lock out) the breaker to any circuit being worked (turning off the wall switch is not enough as someone could inadvertently switch it back).Use a non-contact voltage detector to verify the breaker/power is off.Ceiling boxes are available as shallow as ½” for placement right over a structural unit like our large mirror.If your light is not at a wall stud, an “old work” renovation boxes are available with swing out tabs to mount directly to the drywall.Remove any screws holding the light base to the wall.

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