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Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive aren't playing around.They've been shutting down every single stream, video outlet, social media account and photo library they can that contains anything remotely related to Grand Theft Auto V that they didn't approve.

As a sign of support towards Rock Star The Hot Coffee Mod is no longer available I've removed this download out of free will.

Patrick W Just in case you really really need to see naked polygon people for some strange reason, and are upset that Patrick deleted this, go here or here (this one even comes with penises and vaginas!

That obviously hasn't stopped gamers from torrenting the ever loving crap out of GTA V but they're doing so in an uphill battle against a very vigilant and unfettered force.

While initial torrents made it online with no problems, it will be interesting to see how hosting sites react to the takedown notices and legal pressure from Take-Two Interactive, who have made it known that they will stop at nothing to protect the financial sanctity of their property at all costs.

Ursula is a mentally unstable woman, possible because she had an unhappy childhood. This, along with her upbringing, caused Ursula to grow up mentally ill, making comments about her gardener getting sick and falling off a cliff and how the last person to pick her up choked to death on his own hand, implying that she killed them both.

According to her comments about her life, her mother tortured her by locking her in a basement and shaving her hair. Ursula can be found along North Calafia Way, south of Mount Chiliad.i agree like other ppl who want a patch w/o cheats that would be great, have a nice day ppl. Hi ppl who love violence & sex content, i guess almost of some ppl must know about this new (new crap) ...Senator expresses doubts industry can enforce ESRB ratings--asks for legislation that will make selling M- or AO-rated games to minors a federal crime; Rockstar, ESA, ESRB respond.They unlock the hidden adult content that was locked by Rockstar, the developer of "GTA: San Andreas." The content in this area is rated "AO" for Adult-Only.7UZJ-9YW8-0T45Z8UQH-1851-EZQPCNOTE: It is recommended that you DO NOT save your game while this code is active. After your "coffee date" you will be stuck in an invisible box; press the R1 R2 L1 L2 buttons at the same time to escape.As noted on Stickskills, Rockstar sent out the following message to all would-be leakers... They've even extended their long arm of the law to the far social media depths of the internet where images, screen-captures and videos have been completely taken offline, such as here, here and here.

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