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Paul Burce had relocated to Portland from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, Canada.In Portland, Paul met and married Eileen Baker who had moved there from Tacoma, Washington. Almost from the beginning, the marriage was an unhappy one. Burce soon became bored and discontented with her life as a housewife, and the couple quarreled frequently.

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In her autobiography, "The Girl Next Door And How She Grew," Jane revealed that as a child she often dreamed of her mother trying to suffocate her with a pillow.

When Jane would struggle and scream, her mother would stop and then hug her and cry.

Blonde, curly-topped Shirley Temple was all the rage, and many mothers fancied their moppets, no matter how untalented, as capable of following in Shirley's steps to stardom. Her all-consuming ambition was to turn Suzanne into another Shirley Temple. Suzanne now had the curls but it would not be until she starred in her first Technicolor MGM movie that she would become a blonde.

The first step was to enroll her two-year-old girl in dancing lessons. At age five, Suzanne appeared on Stars Of Tomorrow, an amateur children's radio show.

After a few years of this, Jane yearned to grow up and handle more challenging parts, especially non-singing roles.

Finally in 1954, the studio cast Jane in a mature role in the musical classic, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, in which she delivered an exceptional performance filled with warmth and sophistication.

Starring in a succession of hits, Jane soon was typecast as MGM's version of the "girl next door" even though no girl next door was ever so extraordinary.

On screen, we saw Jane enjoying great wealth, wearing fabulous clothes, and falling in love, often with a teen crush on a handsome older man.

Jane would recall long "silent times" when her mother refused to talk to her father.

Eventually, the Burces would divorce and each would remarry. Burce would confess later she had never wanted a child. However, after Jane grew up, the two would be estranged for long periods.

In short, she was exactly what movie fan magazines called a "delightful musical leading lady." A petite blonde, blue-eyed beauty, it's little wonder she was so popular.

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