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In some places, the coastline vanished under thick tuff depositions.

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It provides a fixed point for aligning the entire chronology of the second millennium BCE in the Aegean, as evidence of the eruption is found throughout the region.

Despite the evidence, the exact date of the eruption has been difficult to determine.

Elsewhere in the Mediterranean are pumice deposits that could have been caused by the Thera eruption.

Ash layers in cores drilled from the seabed and from lakes in Turkey, however, show that the heaviest ashfall was towards the east and northeast of Santorini.

The ash found on Crete is now known to have been from a precursory phase of the eruption, some weeks or months before the main eruptive phases, and it would have had little impact on the island.

The Minoan eruption is a key marker for the Bronze Age chronology of the Eastern Mediterranean world.

This cataclysmic eruption was centered on a small island just north of the existing island of Nea Kameni in the centre of the then-existing caldera.

The northern part of the caldera was refilled by the volcanic ash and lava, then collapsed again.

This phase was characterized by the completion of caldera collapse, which produced megatsunamis.

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