Too old to start dating

Personally, I'd be willing to date women up to about 20 years older than me.

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You know what you want Young people have lots of big plans and grand ideas but it isn’t until later in life that we really work out what is important to us.

Age also makes us realise things like good looks, flash clothes and status are only temporary and not the essential components for healthy, happy relationships.

As we age we come to know our strengths and weaknesses through having had to face lots of different life situations.

We develop strategies for dealing with problems and are clearer about what we can contribute to someone else’s life rather than making extravagant promises which we may not be able to keep.

Often these lessons only come with age and experience.

Love can make you live longer Not only are you never to old to date but dating can also help to ensure that you get to grow even older.Scientific studies have shown that love helps to keep your heart healthy, your blood pressure down and give you more emotional resources to overcome sickness and infirmity because people who have someone special in their lives are often more motivated to recover.Whether it or not dating can help you live longer there is no doubt that love makes life worth living so it’s worth trying dating whatever your age.Of course 26 years old isn't too old to start dating. There are people out there in their 80s who are dating, of course probably none of them for the first time, but still who really cares when you started dating ?If you started dating late, it just means you were either scared or you had other priorities or I realize you aren't saying this, (your aunt did) but I think many people here would agree with her unfortunately.

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