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She came back afterwards and continues to impress fans, but she has become pickier about whom she works with and what she does on video.She told one interviewer that she is lucky to work with porn companies who put up with her pickiness and set her up with great costars.Ava is one of those rare babes who is able to have an anal orgasm, so she loves anal and vaginal sex.

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She has several tattoos including “la vie en rose” (which was the was the signature song of French singer Édith Piaf, in 1945) on her left hip, and red rose on her right ankle.

She also has her nose pierced but it doesn’t show up in all of her photo sets. Addams started fucking on film in 2008, when she was 29 years old.

Before getting into porn, Ava Addams was working at a doctor’s office doing medical billing.

She was living in Houston, which she loves, but she was just ready for a change.

She likes those two because she enjoys making eye contact with her lovers.

When she gets fucked, Ava loves to get her neck bitten and nibbled on, and she says she is great at talking dirty.

She moved to Miami and got involved with some promotional modeling.

Through that she met someone who was doing porn and that’s her story!

Ava has also had a lot of roles in porn movies where she gets to show off her acting skills, and as a former drama student, she loves making a connection with her costars before getting to the fucking, and believes that movies with a plot and backstory are much more erotica than the gonzo features that have become popular recently without any kind of plot to tie the characters together.

Ava is a certified MILF and took some time off when she was pregnant.

When you see Ava Addams cum, you can be sure it’s 100% genuine!

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