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This step-by-step sequence works so well that a girl I had a casual conversation with (a girl who wasn’t into me at first) tried to kiss me even though her friends were right next to her at the bar. And I learned the hard way that with a woman I wasn’t serious about.Seriously, when I approached her she looked at me as if I didn’t exist, but once I reached the third stage of the Black Rose Sequence (it’s called the Alter Ego Creation), nothing could stop her. I really hope that you don’t underestimate the power of this sequence when you watch the 52-minute video about Enslavement that you’ll find in module 6.​As a German, I like everything that’s structured. No matter if you prefer to learn visually, auditory, by reading or by actively doing things, Shogun Method got you covered.

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I’m sure that stumbling upon the Shogun Method would have helped my old insecure self.

I mean, I don’t agree with Derek’s message that women are biologically hardwired to reject direct proposals.

The third element that I used on this tattooed hottie is called The Element of Danger.

I approached her with a normal direct compliment (I think I complimented her on her tattoos) and I then went on to talk about one of my most risky travel adventures. Once she was really pissed, I followed the principle that I learned in the second axiom of module 5. We have been friends for years and she never looked at me like this before.

When I tested the enslavement method on a woman (I’ll share it with you in detail), I knew how Anakin Skywalker must have felt when he became Darth Vader. I tested it both on women I approached and on my wonderful, intelligent and oh so cute girlfriend who I always use as a guinea pig (honey, you are the best! This was actually the first time that I felt bad for her…​What the hell is fractionation? Oh, and in the entry module of Shogun Method Derek explains this principle with the help of a famous movie character we all know.

When I tested this simple method with a cute girl I approached on the street, I took this sentence word for word from the entry lesson of Derek Rake’s Shogun Method.

Just like you, I couldn’t approach women without shaking and stuttering.

Just like you, I couldn’t get laid, let alone find a woman who would commit to me.

I’ve had too much success with being direct to believe that.

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