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It is considered an example of New French Extremity by some journalists.

In recent years the film has gained a cult following.

She awakens in a dungeonlike room, on a mattress, dressed in a vinyl suit and with a wig.

Beside the mattress there are pictures of Diana Rigg as Mrs.

Having acquired the rights, the Volf Corporation attempts to enter into a deal for distribution with an American Internet company called Demonlover, represented by Elaine Si Gibril (Gershon).

Diane, however, has actually been a spy all along for Demonlover's main competition, Mangatronics, meeting with a mysterious handler on occasion to pass along information on the Demonlover deal.

Peel in The Avengers (a 1960s television show, which had an episode entitled "The Hellfire Club" that was subsequently banned from American TV for the so-called "provocative" nature of Mrs. Diane attempts to escape, and is almost successful.

However, upon driving her getaway car she is involved in a car accident. The final scene takes place in an American household.A teen-aged boy logs on to the Hellfire Club website using his father's credit card.He then fills out a detailed fantasy of what he would like done to the woman on the screen, who turns out to be Diane.Meanwhile, Diane discovers that Elaine's company is a front for a website called the Hellfire Club, an interactive torture web site dealing with extreme sadomasochism broadcast in real-time.When confronted with these charges, Demonlover praises Hellfire Club but claims no ties to it whatsoever.When Diane awakens, she is in Elaine's hotel room, and everything is completely cleaned up.

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