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Charlotte Baston from Wee Crafty Folk is organising this event and also organises the popular events which are held at Blaenavon Ironworks.

She said: “I would define steampunk as a genre of science fiction that started life approximately 30 years ago in America.

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You're welcome to take a leisurely stroll around the site completely free of charge.

However, Steampunk Journal exists to promote steampunks around the world.

Most of us dress up in steampunk, faery, witch, pirate, goblin attire.

We encourage big hearts and open minds at our events.” Mr Maybin is currently organising a fundraising event, the Steampunk Records Roadshow in Cirencester to raise money for a hospital’s cardiac unit.

One of the most recognisable faces of the steampunk community, Kato has been called "the supermodel of steampunk" Kato is the third of four daughters born to wildlife painter Terence Lambert and his wife, a school headmistress/principal.

She grew up in a Victorian rectory behind a 13th-century cemetery, and credits this for her love of Victorian style.In 2013, Kato started Steamgirl LLC, a multi-media neo-Victorian fashion erotica site and the first subscription site for steampunk erotica.She also teamed with photographer Chloe Barcelou and launched Mori Girl Clothing, the first Mori Kei clothing company outside Japan. People said that it’s not very often that the groom outdoes the bride. She doesn’t get to come to events much but when she does she enjoys them.We have a few events where we go and really let our hair down.” In Gwent there is one event which attracts crowds from all over the country.In his day-to-day life Mr Maybin installs hospital equipment and his colleagues know about his steampunk life. “They all see my pictures on my Facebook page and they know it’s a blast.

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