Speed dating rome

Ogni mese Angeli Rock si trasforma in un locale per single dove poter incontrare l'anima gemella o fare nuove amicizie e divertirsi in buona compagnia tutto questo contornato dalla location esclusiva di fronte la Basilica San Paolo con la nostra splendida terrazza affacciata sui giardini di parco Shuster, buona musica di sottofondo buffet apericena no limits e ottimi drink vini e birre.

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In fact, calling this a ‘fantasy’ degrades what is, in my opinion, a brilliant and feasible plan for your time here in Italy. Have fun discovering the answer to this question for yourself.

But to help you in your Roman courtships, I thought I’d share a few personal experiences that perhaps you can learn from.

Cashed up and Connected They pick you up at your house from inside the centro storico because the ‘varchi attivi’ sign poses no problem.

They have an apartment (or two) in the centre and therefore have a vehicle pass to drive through the centre of town as a resident.

” or even “A group of us are going to Sardegna for the weekend, there’s a yacht, there’s a house, there’s a party – no pressure, we just go as friends, I pick you up in 10, bring a bikini and a cocktail dress.” This kind of invitation does happen in Italy and it can be tempting because often they are ‘group activities’ so you’re not inclined to get romantic if you decide you don’t like their company halfway through a cocktail in Positano… Italian men pay for everything and so it’s my opinion that if you’re still undecided about your feelings for the ‘whisker’, it’s good manners to decline a weekend where he foots the ‘ to show you Rome by night on my Vespa.” How many times have I heard this?

And you know, the first three or four times it really is a beautiful way to spend an evening.Another gentleman of this ‘type’ picked me up in a gullwing extravaganza straight out of a Bond film, took me to Assunta Madre, which again, is a beautiful fine dining experience and suggested flying my family out to Italy from Australia at his expense in case I ‘missed them’.They talk of hooking you up jobs, apartments, sorting out your visa issues and to be fair, this is the type of country where you need a network to make things happen.Some Italian boys will profess their love, swear you’re the only one but hide you from their parents and close friends because ultimately you’re nothing but a foreign fling and they don’t want probing questions from their family about their intentions with ‘that girl you brought home for pasta’.Choose Your Own Adventure One very clever and considerate ragazzo gave me four options, including a picnic and bike riding in Villa Borghese, lunch in the piazza at the incredible seafood restaurant Pierluigi, a trip out to swim, sip cocktails and dance at Fregene, or a pool party with a group of stylish young friends with a villa in the hills of Rome.They can be fun if you feel like being spoilt but dull conversationalists when you realise everything is tainted by their everpresent fear of growing old and settling down.

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