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You'll make way-too-harsh judgments about people's fun facts. Watching someone try to read and figure your bag out is somehow more uncomfortable than if they just examined your face.38.

People will still ask you your age and where you live, even if they know next to nothing about you.39.

Shaking hands with someone you're supposed to be "dating" is awkward, but you can't really do much else since your smile is hidden.17.

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Speed dating funny

When you only have two minutes for a date, it kind of feels like an interview.25.

If you're weird with a bag over your head, you're probably weird without a bag on your head.26.

Having a bag over your face makes you feel like a cartoon character.32.

Having fun facts on your bag makes it awkward when no one gets yours.33.

We soon discovered that while most (if not all) of the women were there for free as media coverage, all of the men had paid $25 for what they thought would be a genuine dating event.

As the night progressed, more and more of the men caught on that the women were writers and appeared to feel anxious about the possibility of being written about. Making some people pay for an event you're hosting and then letting in media for free is kind of crappy, especially when it comes to paying money to speed date.You can have a great conversation with someone with a bag over their head, but you're going to be thinking about what they look like under there. But also, you can see the person's eyes/mouth, so unless they have a wildcard nose, you can pretty much guess what they look like.14.DON' T put decorative cellophane over your mouth hole if you want to breathe successfully. Having a bag over your head does allow you to hide your mouth if you're laughing at something weird that your date said.16.Your bangs will get in the way of your eyes, you won't be able to fix them, and yes, this is what hell is like.34.It's really hard to hear with a bag over your ears.35. You'll have nightmares about teeth for the next two nights.36.Lying about where you work is a challenge, and it makes you feel sleazy. Cameramen will come up to you when you least expect it and catch you taking a deep breath. Guys will get their order confused when they're changing dates and it'll be an awkward situation for everyone involved.42.

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