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In June, Gordy changed the group's name to "The Supremes with Diana Ross", which was how they were billed on the marquee of Las Vegas' Flamingo Hotel.On July 1, the day after her 24th birthday, Ballard showed up inebriated during the group's third performance at the Flamingo and stuck her stomach out from her suit.

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Ballard's alcoholism led to her missing performances and recording sessions.

Gordy sometimes replaced Ballard on stage with the Andantes' Marlene Barrow.

From an early age, Ballard aspired to be a singer and agreed to audition for a spot on a sister group of the local Detroit attraction, the Primes, who were managed by Milton Jenkins.

After she was accepted, Ballard recruited Mary Wilson to join Jenkins' group.

During that year, they kept pursuing a Motown contract and agreed to do anything that was required, including adding handclaps and vocal backgrounds.

When the other members heard of the new name, they were not pleased.Ballard responded by secluding herself in her house refusing to come outside, which worried her groupmates.Weeks later, Ballard told Wilson and Ross what had happened.During a 1962 Motortown Revue tour, Ballard briefly replaced the Marvelettes' Wanda Young while she was on maternity leave.Before the release of their 1962 debut album, Meet the Supremes, Barbara Martin, who had replaced Betty Mc Glown a year before they signed to Motown, left the group. After the hit success of 1963's "When the Love Light Starts Shining Through His Eyes", Diana Ross became the group's lead singer.Diana Ross feared they would be mistaken for a male vocal group.

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