Sorority and fraternity dating

Additionally, national fraternities and sororities can provide scholarship opportunities and can connect you with strong alumni networks when you're looking for jobs.For some students, the friendships they form during their college involvement with a fraternity or sorority will last a lifetime.

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It's easier than you may think, and if you're interested, other students probably are, too.

Popular in the American Greek system, today the lavalier is given as a sign of commitment and affection from a member of a fraternity to his girlfriend.

There are quite a few national organizations that recognize, through their selective membership processes, academic high achievers, students interested in certain disciplines (English, biology, etc.) or those heavily involved in community service programs.

If you like the idea of belonging to an organization but are worried about the time commitment or other factors, check out the other, non-social fraternities and sororities.

No matter if fraternities and sororities on your campus have a huge presence or a very small one, there are a lot of things to consider before joining one. Fraternities and sororities can offer a lot of benefits for college students.

Many of these organizations provide housing, a fantastic social support network, good leadership opportunities and a close community to which you can belong during (and after) your time at school.In contrast, there are some things you should consider before signing up to learn about every possible house during pledge week.In many cases, joining a social fraternity or sorority means committing a significant amount of your time to the organization.You will love forming a new relationship in Eligible fun, friendly environment!Eligible Greeks is a Greek personals and Greek dating community designed to help you meet that special partner.The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), which created the nine fraternities and sororities for African-American students is an international organization dedicated to ensuring solidarity, fellowship and progress of what some have nicknamed the "Divine Nine" black frats and sororities.

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