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Again, right is a moral or legal authority, and, as such, is distinct from merely physical superiority or pre-eminence; the thief who steals something without being detected enjoys the physical control of the object, but no right to it; on the contrary, his act is an mjustice:, a violation of right, and he is bound to return the stolen object to its owner.Right is called a moral or legal authority, because it emanates from a law which assigns to one the dominion over the thing and imposes on others the obligation to respect this dominion.

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Justice assigns to each person his own ( suum cuique ).

When anyone asserts that a thing is his own, is his private property, or belongs to him, he means that this object stands in a special relation to him, that it is in the first place destined for his use, and that he can dispose of it according to his will, regardless of others.

This will can be found only in the right of the State to demand from its members what is necessary for the general good.

It must be authorized to make laws to punish violations of such, and in general to arrange everything for the public welfare, while, on their side, the members must be under the obligation corresponding to this right.

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God places the heaviest loads on the strongest backs.

It is an evident demand of human reason in general that one may give or leave one's own to anyone; but what constitutes one's own is determined by facts.

Many things are physically connected with the human per-son by conception or birth--his limbs, bodily and mental qualities, health, etc.

Right, as a substantive (my right, his right), designates the object of justice.

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