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PREDA is using the "scream therapy" to heal the psychological wounds of the abused children.They allow the children to let out their anger by screaming and beating pillows.

The Germanwatch think tank says in its latest climate risk report that Pakistan is the world's seventh most vulnerable country to climate change.

In a DW interview, expert Tariq Banuri explains the reasons behind this.

The psychological impact of cybersex is as damaging as in cases of physical abuse.

Many exploited children have to deal with anxiety and depression issues, and they cannot establish proper relations with other humans. Healing process "The children need to vent out negative emotions to regain self-confidence," Shay Cullen, founder of the PREDA child protection group, told DW.

Sexting is a trend among teenagers in Germany, too. () The yet-to-be released Indian film 'Gandu' is receiving a good response at the Berlinale this year. Alforte says that not many people report about the activity, making it difficult for the authorities to arrest the people involved in the business.

Also, the judicial process in the Philippines is very slow and it takes several years to punish a culprit.

The FBI estimates that in more than 40,000 public chat-rooms around the world, some 750,000 pedophiles search child pornographic material round the clock.

Terre des Hommes, an international human rights organization, helped authorities crack down on over 1,000 pedophiles in 2013.

Users worldwide were lured into exposing themselves via webcams and then blackmailed.

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