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This Range is also responsible for the prevention of motor accidents from occurring, together with protecting property from such motor accidents, and also issuing circular instructions to all the Territorial Police in order to implement a better traffic management in the county.

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The Portuguese who controlled certain areas of the maritime provinces of Sri Lanka did not effect any serious changes to the existing system of civil administration of the Country.

The Dutch, who arrived in Sri Lanka in 1602, were able to bring the Maritime Provinces and the Jaffna Peninsula under their rule by 1658.

The rank of police constable was created and it came to be associated with all types of police work. 14 of 1806 the City of Colombo was divided into 15 divisions and Police Constables were appointed to supervise the divisions. 16 of 1865, the designation of the Head of the Police Force was changed from Chief Superintendent to Inspector-General of Police.

The National Police The Governor, who was looking for a dynamic person to reorganize the police in the island, turned to India to obtain the services of a capable officer. Therefore, 3rd of September 1866 can be considered as the beginning of the country’s present Police Service. Campbell is credited with shaping the Police Force into an efficient organization and giving it a distinct identity.

There is also a Division in the Police titled as Bureau for the Prevention of Abuse of Children & Women that is assigned with the task of taking different action against all crime perpetrated on women and children, which ranges from physical violence to sexual abuse.

There also facilities available to them for their complaints to be recorded by female Police Officers and that too in a place away from public gaze so as to insulate them from any derisive comment by uncouth elements that would affect their self-respect.With a view to curb the high incidence of crime in the country, which is assuming alarming proportions, Range Crime Detection Branches have been established in all the Police Stations.These Range Branches are headed by Senior Gazetted Officers.He goes into history as the very first Sri Lankan to be a Superintendent of Police. Colepeper was entrusted with the task of re-organizing the Colombo Police.He divided the Force into three classes of officers – the Inspectors, the Sergeants and the Constables. In 1847 the ranks of Assistant Superintendent of Police and Sub Inspector of Police were created.Range Traffic Divisions also have been set-up to supervise and guide these traffic branches who should liaise with the respective Range DIG's and the Police Headquarters Traffic Range.

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