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Shortly thereafter, he shortened his first name to Rick and continued to record a long string of hits up through the early 1970s.

The Graduate (1967) became a permanent pop culture fixture due in large part to the many songs by Simon and Garfunkel that made up the film score, many of which became top chart hits.

Motown was a large part of the musical landscape of the mid-late 1960s.

In rock and pop ensembles, usually called rock bands or pop bands, there are usually guitars and keyboards (piano, electric piano, Hammond organ, synthesizer, etc.), one or more singers, and a rhythm section made up of a bass guitar and drum kit. In jazz bands, rock and pop groups and similar ensembles, this is the band leader.

In classical music, orchestras, concert bands and choirs are led by a conductor.

by Amy Gold The number one songs of the 1960s, which total 204, are listed in the table below in descending order by the total number of weeks they stayed on the Billboard Pop/Rock charts.

Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry" tops the list at 23 weeks, and at the bottom is the Beatles' "Penny Lane" which was on the charts for only 10 weeks.

Chart topping bands and artists that hearkened to earlier times included Bobby Vinton, Ray Charles, Steve Lawrence, Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, the Four Seasons, the Righteous Brothers, Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra, and David Rose and His Orchestra.

Other types of pop and rock music also flourished throughout the 1960s, including folk, novelty tunes, country pop, and protest songs, all of which are fairly well represented by the number one songs of the 1960s.

This seminal group made lasting changes to the American musical landscape, along with many other top charting British Invasion bands and artists that included the Rolling Stones, the Animals, the Dave Clark Five, Hermans Hermits, the Mindbenders, Freddie and the Dreamers, the New Vaudeville Band, the Troggs, Manfred Mann, Peter and Gordon, Lulu, Donovan, and Petula Clark.

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